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Wayne Hughes is a Midwest based independent photographer specializing in underwater and travel photography.

Wayne has been scuba diving for a number of years—first as a relaxing hobby and then incorporating it into a business during and after college. After graduating from college with a degree in art and a minor in biology, he taught college courses for twelve years. It just seemed natural to combine his love of scuba diving, interest in the underwater world, and teaching, and the rest, as they say, is history. Wayne and his wife owned and operated a scuba diving business for many years in the Midwest. Looking forward to an early retirement, they moved to the Caribbean, only to find they weren’t ready for retirement. Wayne & Lynn took over management of a scuba diving operation and a marine biology center there for several years. Wayne has returned to diving as a relaxing hobby while combining it with some of his other interests in art and photography. Over the years Wayne has had numerous underwater photos published in several national and international publications. While he has primarily focused on the underwater world, their travels around the world have shown Wayne & Lynn some beautiful, memorable scenes they would also like to share with others.


Lynn Hughes has also been scuba diving for many years, and like her husband, she started scuba diving as a hobby, which soon developed into a business. After graduating from college with a double degree in English and History, Lynn worked for state government for many years as a program and policy writer. During this period, Lynn and her husband Wayne owned and operated a scuba diving business in the Midwest. Moving to the Caribbean started out as a plan for early retirement, but Lynn had always been fascinated with marine life, so managing a marine biology center fit right in with her interests. With a degree in history, she has a keen interest in the history of the areas around the world she and Wayne have been fortunate enough to visit. Lynn believes others are also interested in learning more about places they travel, so for many years, she wrote articles about the history of locations and the underwater world for several national and international publications, in addition to having several of her underwater photos and land photos published. Lynn has also won several Nikon photo competitions in many different underwater categories. Please join Lynn and Wayne in the enjoyment of our glorious world.

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